Pregnancy Weeks 0-4


Month One 0-4 weeks (first trimester)

Your not actually pregnant in the first week, this stage is usually when you are on your period or just finishing your period. You won’t conceive until about week two or week three, depending on the length of your cycle and when you ovulate.

Once your egg is fertilised with the lucky sperm, and implants into your uterus a water tight sac forms around it and this gradually fills with fluid. This is what they call an amniotic sac which will help protect your growing baby.

Your placenta will form and attached itself to the wall of your uterus. The placenta is an organ that develops  in your uterus which will provide oxygen and nutrients to your growing baby. It also removes waste products from your babies blood. This is where your baby's umbilical cord will arise from.

By the end of month one your baby will be around the size of a grain of rice or an ant measuring about 2 cms.


Early symptoms reported by women.. Not just what the books say.

Even before a bfp (big fat positive) many women have known or suspected they were pregnant because of the symptoms the were getting before their bfp. Symptoms that the books don’t tell us about.

  • Nausea and just feeling plain sick in the stomach
  • Headaches
  • Fatigue and feeling really tired, even after a full nights sleep
  • A tightening pulling feeling in your lower stomach to the side, either right or left.
  • Tender sore breasts
  • Fluttering feelings in lower stomach
  • Cramping on and off like period pain
  • Spotting or light bleeding (due to implantation bleeding
  • Emotional or moody
  • Dizzy feeling
  • Just feel different (it’s very hard to explain this until you have experienced it)
  • Craving foods
  • Feeling more hungry
  • More frequent needing to wee
  • Very bloated
  • Hot flushes and feeling hot
  • Feeling a heavy sensation in lower stomach
  • Thirsty