Walk Like A Queen Shoes

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Colour: Black

Shoe Size: 21

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"Nowadays all the fashion is in the sneakers."


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Included: 1x Pair of Shoes


Material: PU

  • Outsole Material: Rubber


Please note that colours may be slightly different from photos due to different screens and lighting.


Size    Age           Inside Length    Foot Length

21     1-1.5 Years      13.5cm        12-13cm

22     1.5-2 Years     14cm          13.5-14cm

23     2-2.5 Years     14.5cm         4-14.5cm

24     2.5-3 Years     15cm          14.5-15cm

25     3-3.5 Years     15.5cm        15-15.5cm

26     3.5-4 Years     16cm          15.5-16cm


*These charts are for reference only. Fit may vary depending on the construction, materials and manufacturer.


*Please allow 1-3cms for manual measurements.