My Hospital Bag

I started to pack my hospital bag around week 30. I was going to do it much earlier because I was so excited but instead I wrote lists and prepared what I had to buy.

I was admitted into hospital at 34 weeks and then again at 36 weeks. I took my hospital bag both times, but I didn’t even need half of the stuff I originally packed so I repacked after the 34 week time so I was prepared. Here is what I used and needed the most.

I had my baby in May and in Australia in May it’s winter and cold, but in hospital it’s so hot and I’m a warm blooded person lol.


What I packed for me

*2 x big T-shirts

*1 Soft Maxi Skirt (The most coolest and comfy for me while in there.)

*1 Zip up hoodie

*2 x leggings

*My fluffy slides (they are kind of like slippers)

*2 x pair of socks

*6 x big high waisted underwear

*1 x maternity bra

*1 x light dressing gown

*2 packets of maternity pads (I only used 1 pack though)

*2 sets of nursing pads (since your milk doesn’t come in until around 3-4 days after you give birth, you don’t really need them, but just incase I packed a couple)

*A USB little face fan. (This actually saved me because it’s so so hot in hospitals lol) I used my iPhone charger wall plug to connect it.

*Extension cord (so you can have your charger and stuff that needs to be charged beside you)

*Double adapter (So i can charge phone and use face fan at the same time haha.)

*I don’t know why but I took this little back scratcher my Mum got me years ago. It has an extended pole and I’m so glad I did. I had a csection and my legs kept getting so itchy while laying there on first day, and not being able to move, I got out the back scratcher and scratched my leg haha. It was actually the best.

*Roll on deodorant (I didn’t want to fume other babies or mummas out)

*My Make up bag (I carry this everywhere in my hand bag)

*Dry shampoo. (I knew I wouldn’t wash my hair in there so no need to take shampoo and conditioner for me)

*Body wash

*Lip balm (saved my life lol)

*Tooth brush, tooth paste & floss

*Spare hair ties

*Hair brush

*Face cream



*Ipad (iPad was great the two times I went to hospital and stayed for a few days before having baby, I didn’t use it after baby arrived because I was either with her down in special care unit or I was resting and trying to sleep)

*Pack of lollies, mints and chewy (I had my husband bring me snacks and things I wanted every day also)

*Nipple cream (I didn’t use it though)

This was to wear home

*1 trackie pants

*1 hoodie

*1 tshirt

*1 pair high waisted underwear 


What I packed for baby

Because my baby ended up being born at 36 weeks and 6 days she had to be in the special care unit for a week so I didn’t actually use most of this stuff. She couldn’t even wear her stuff because she was tiny and had a lot of wires. After the wires and stuff came out after about 5 days we basically just used a couple of little premature sized jumpsuits. I’ll wrote what I had packed though for an idea.


*1 pack of nappies

*1 pack of water wipes

*1 dummy (I didn’t use it and she is almost a year old and never used it lol)

*About 6 of my favourite outfits for her. 1 was what I wanted her to very first wear (didn’t happen though), 1 was what I wanted her to come home in, the others were just cute little comfortable outfits and that were my favourite out of the millions she had already.

*1 little teddy bear

*4 beanies

*3 swaddles which 1 had the matching bow

*A beautiful shawl my Nan had knit me.